Advance Course details

What you'll learn

At the end of this course, you will have detailed understanding of Basics of Dance and foundation along with a pro thinking for any competition

You should be able to perform Bollywood and Popping freestyle on any song .

You will be able to compete in Stage/Social Media and Dance Battle with confidence and winning will be a piece of cake

Course content

This course is having a duration of 12 hours spanning across 3 months.

The course is further divided into chapter basis with time to time test and evaluation and feedback sharing.

  1. Dance Concepts, style and Advance techniques
  2. Dance Videos, Video editing tool and How to shoot.(Desktop Editing skills)
  3. Details of reality shows and Viral videos (How to approach)
  4. Bollywood Freestyle steps and training method
  5. Song selection and Musicality for Bollywood/Popping
  6. Popping Freestyle steps and training method
  7. Difference between Stage performance/ Youtube Videos/ Dance Battle
  8. How to do the latest moves / How to create your own move
  9. 30 sec Freestyle in Bollywood
  10. 30 Sec Freestyle in Popping
  11. Assignment and Evaluation
  12. Feedback and discuss on next step.
  13. Time to Time 1-1 video evaluation

Chapter 1-13:

Dance Concepts, style and Simple techniques

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